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Helping leaders in Fortune 500 companies navigate change in a mindful, purposeful way that is aligned with the company’s values. Christy offers a wide range of services, from organizational change management to program and project management, to help companies develop and implement techniques in communication, media and strategic planning.

Organizational Change Management

Christy helps companies that are undergoing any significant changes, specifically dealing with the human side of the change. She understands that while organizations may embrace changes, people generally do not like change and tend to resist it. If changes are not applied in a way that is considerate to employees, it can lead to delay or failed change implementation. Christy can help your employees successfully navigate change in a multitude of ways, from educating them on how their day to day work will change, setting expectations, and guiding them through the changes to ensure their continued productivity and well-being.

Program / Project Management

Christy helps companies drive high-priority projects to successful completion, while mentoring employees through the process of adopting a more structured approach. She can assist your organization in developing work phases, deliverables and activities for each project, as well as coordinating schedules and instructing employees in the use of project management tools and methods.

Executive Communications

Christy can help C-Suite level officers gain confidence in getting their message across and create positive, lasting impact in their organization. She can assist in the creation of focused messages, creating rapport and connection with your audience in your natural style, and assistance in writing and editing communications.

Strategic Communications

Christy can help companies bring their strategic objectives to life. She will assist companies in developing an agenda and master plan to address any problems or issues within the organization, and work with employees and key personnel to ensure that the objectives are being met.

Media Relationships

Christy can help companies develop a strong, thriving media presence. She can assist in the writing of press releases, handling public relations tasks, preparing key personnel for interviews, and communicating and developing beneficial relationships with media outlets.

Speech Writing

Christy can help C-Suite level officers write powerful and effective speeches. She will assist in the research, writing, and execution of speeches for conferences, events and more. She can also help leaders improve their public speaking skills.

Board Presentations

Christy can help leaders prepare for board presentations. She can act as a content curator, putting your deck together, developing a story line and overall message of the presentation, and more.

Additional Offerings

Christy is also available as a motivational speaker for events, subject matter expert speaker on change management